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Up to 400 milligrams is the recommended safe daily limit of caffeine for healthy adults (100mg. for adolescent children). We tested the caffeine levels in our select blends of Dimbula tea to allow you and your loved ones to indulge responsibly in your favourite beverage throughout the day. As we develop our range we will keep sharing with you the caffeine levels in our tea.

Caffeine content per 8oz. serving when made following HYSON brewing recommendation on pack

Morning :

As the morning blooms with the vitality of the sun, let your day begin with buoyancy. Let our teas uplift your spirit and set the perfect mood to activate the mind and body. Let the day commence with the delightful prospect of novel possibilities and perhaps a bit of magic in a freshly brewed cup.


Mid Day :

As the day moves on and spirits become weary look for a quick refresh to revive your spirit. Take a few moments of relaxation and calm to rediscover your focus, balance and inner energy, with a warm and strong cup.


Evening :

Sun down tea is a time for celebration. Kick off the working shoes, let laptops shutdown to herald a relaxed evening. Let the flavours seep out to brilliantly end the days labour. A time for friends and family; for winding down from work and mingling with great company.


Night :

Lie back languidly and sip on liquid goodness of a Ceylon Green tea infused with soothing and fragrant herbs, fruit and flowers. As the night wraps itself up, indulge your senses in a cup of tea to gently lead you into the threshold of restful and purifying sleep through the night.


Camellia sinensis
Discovered 4750 years ago in China, Camellia sinensis is popularly believed to preserve the body and purify the mind. Modern science confirms that its potential health benefits are due to the presence of hundreds of bio active compounds.
Why Hyson?
HYSON blends three generations of proud tradition in artisanal manufacturing and single origin quality in our teas.
Certifications & Awards
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